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Do you have experience working other conventions? What about finances, management, music or are you just a really awesome pony? Either way, we'd love to have you on the team!

​Las Vegas offers an opportunity like no other to network with fellow fans and staffers, some with experience in a variety of fields! You would be joining a brand new team, starting from the ground up and helping to build a brand new convention in a city that lives off entertainment.

Just click the Apply Here, and submit an application. Don't worry, Royal Flush doesn't bite! 

Presently we are seeking: 
-Registration Lead/Staff

-Vendor Lead/Staff
​-VIPR Staff

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Press Applications

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At the heart of every convention is the showcasing of our community's talent. Do you have some valuable information you want to share? Or how about speaking about your path into the Brony fandom? Or do you just want an excuse to do underwater basket weaving in Las Vegas?

In any case, we want all of our guests to be delighted with a variety of showcased skills and specialties! 

Do you have that entrepreneurial $pirit? Do you like making everypony smile at the convention as they throw thousands of bits your way? Can you make something completely unique and monetize it? Then why not come sell it in Vegas! We're looking for plush artists, graphic artists, engravers/painters, we want to see it all!
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