Narrator Wuten

Wuten is a voice actor and narrator for many prominent audioplays in the MLP fandom. Most known for creating audio dramas and comic dubs of "human in Equestria" stories, Wuten began voice acting in early 2012 and has continued to this day, collaborating with other prominent fan VAs such as TheLostNarrator, ObabScribbler, DaWillstanator, Nightfall Studios, and more.

Beyond his own creative works, Wuten has also provided voices for many popular audio creations in the fandom, most notably as the narrator in the multi-chaptered "Anthropology" audioplay by Nightfall Studios, multiple varied roles in audioplays by ObabScribbler, and as the fearsome "Demonori" in the Pony and Mann series by FD-Daylight.

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